Inaccessible websites: 5 things OCR will likely require in resolution agreements

By Jennifer Herseim, Special Ed Connection® Most districts choose to enter into a voluntary resolution agreement to quickly resolve inaccessible website complaints, school attorney Christopher Fernandes says. Learn the most common Continue Reading →

With Figuration, CAST gives web developers tools to build in accessibility at inception

By Jennifer Herseim, Special Ed Connection® As the end-users of ed tech products, schools are often the ones left finding workarounds when technology is inaccessible for students with disabilities. The National Continue Reading →

Website accessibility: Get ahead of issues now, sources say

By Jennifer Herseim, Special Ed Connection® The Justice Department has known for a while that inaccessible websites are a problem. Issuing a rule on quickly evolving technology, however, has been a challenge. Continue Reading →

Website inaccessibility prompts district to overhaul 504, Title II steps

An Arizona district had to overhaul its accessibility processes after the Office for Civil Rights discovered that the district’s website contained barriers to access for people with disabilities, including those with vision Continue Reading →